Art of Revenge

Art of Revenge

Cast: Stephan Jenkins, Joyce Hyser, Nichole Hiltz, Tembi Locke, David DeLuise, Anthony John Denison

Meet Matt and Lara, an assured LA couple in the thirties. Matt (Stephen Jenkins) is an ambitious designer. Laura (Joyce Hyser) runs a charity, and has supported Matt for years, waiting patiently for him to agree to have a baby. But when his big break comes, Matt heartlessly leaves Laura to enjoy the fruits of his new career with a string of young – less controlling – women.

Reeling in shock, deprived of the future she’d been longing for; Lara decides to set Matt up with the “Woman of his dreams”. That might seem odd until it becomes clear that the seductive vision Lara has in mind is a grafter named TUESDAY, a viciously bad seed with the demure face of an innocent angel (played by the beautiful Nichole Hiltz). Lara pays Tuesday to be the fictional “Juliet”, Matt’s image of perfection – Who’s really going to turn out to be his worst nightmare instead. Lara’s motive is simple; to crush Matt and make him pay for humiliating her by shattering his career, his life, and his ego for all time.

But there are wild cards in the plan. Can Tuesday really be trusted? Will she play along or could she steal Matt for herself? And will Matt and Lara’s best friends Ben (David DeLuise) and Izzie (Tembi Locke), bust Lara’s scheme wide open or find themselves trapped in the intrigue themselves?

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